03 July 2012

Bangladeshi Model and Actress Mim

Bangladeshi model Mim full name is Bidha Sinha Mim. She was born 1991 in Rajshahi Division. Bd model Mim becomes Bangladeshi film actress as well as model. Her father name is Briendranath Saha. He is a teacher of Govt victoriya college, Comilla. Her mother is a house wife. However Mim is a student of Jahangirnagar University and her department is drama dramatics. Bangladeshi actress Mim become super star of the Lux channel I super star competition in 2007. She has performed heroine of Humayun Ahmed movies name Amar ase jool. She earns an award name Merial Prothom Alo crities award. It was her first debut performance. In 2009 the film Amar Praner Priya was release and that film Mim perform with Sakib Khan. In the mean time Bd actress Mim so busy for her drama and modeling works. She has performed approximately fifty dramas. Mim says I respect my work. This is because I want to be a good actress. So I need contraction drama side. Mim want to do some good quality work. Mim has performed a lot of drama such as Nil achool, Poush Faguner Pala. Jadur kathi, Bicycle, Man power and so on.

Actress Mim

Bangladeshi Actress Mim Photo

Bangladeshi Actress Mim

Bangladeshi Actress Model Mim

Bangladeshi Model Mim Photo

Bangladeshi Model Mim

Bd Actress Mim Photo

Bd Actress Mim

Bd Actress Model Mim

Bd Model Mim Photo

Bd Model Mim

Mim Bangladeshi Actress-1

Mim Bangladeshi Actress-2

Mim Bangladeshi Actress-3

Mim Bangladeshi Actress

Mim Bangladeshi Model

Mim Bd Actress

Mim Bd Model


Model Mim

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